Saturday, September 20, 2008

Babalú Continues Auto-da-Fé Against Marc Másferrer Over Remittances (UPDATE)

The auto-da-fé against Marc Másferrer that began at Babalú on September 9th with Val Prieto's invitation to take a hike ("If that's what you think of me ... then perhaps you are in the wrong place") continues now on Marc's own blog Uncommon Sense with Henry Louis Gómez as the carrier of the baby's bath water.

In reply to Marc's latest post about remittances, Henry accuses him of "going out of [his] way to fund the people perpetuating the crimes" against the Cuban people; and, again, of "subsidizing their captors;" and, finally, of being "crazy" and "perverse."

When the generalissimo and the chief-of-staff of the Starvation Army accuse you of being "crazy" and "perverse," it is a testimonial to your sanity and nobility of character just as their canard that you are underwriting our countrymen's oppression is a patent of the purest patriotism.

I will let Marc reply to Henry first. Then I will reply to him.


Marc Másferrer Answers His Critics at Babalú:

Henry, George:

Thanks for not answering the questions. You helped make my point.

I think we can all agree that the No. 1 scourge of the Cuban people is the Castro dictatorship. It is responsible for the suffering of the Cuban people, and anyone who thinks otherwise, is a fool or worse. You may suggest that I believe otherwise — that I am "perverse" or "erring in my judgment," but all that would prove is that you haven't read my work as closely as I thought. In place of reasoned argument, I will accept your insults, again because it helps make my point.

The dictatorship's paramount responsibility, does not absolve the United States for policies that at best, have failed to bring down the dictatorship and at worst, have added to the suffering of the people with whom it claims to stand.

Even if everything you suggest about remittances is true, also true is that limits imposed by the U.S. government have not brought down the regime, or even caused it to tighten its belt. Unfortunately, the effect has not been so negligible on the Cuban people, who suffer in an abject poverty — yes, mainly because of the dictatorship, but worsened by the American sanctions. Our role in this tragedy is magnified during the current post-hurricane crisis, and the American response raises real questions about our true fealty to the Cuban people and their welfare.

I think I'm starting to see a pattern in American policy towards Cubans — those on the island, that is, not in Miami. The American government will talk a good game, even inviting dissidents and their families to the White House. But then it enforces policies — the limit on family remittances, "wet-foot, dry-foot" — that add to the pain of the Cuban people. All the while, the dictatorship in Havana is as powerful as ever.

Here's another question. When will people start to notice?

Posted by: Marc R. Masferrer Saturday, September 20, 2008 at 03:07 PM


Anonymous said...

Friend of Fantomas said...

streching your dollares in Cuba



Vana said...

Those Babalunians are so stubborn they cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel, in my opinion not helping our people is tantamount to murder, if some of that money makes it to Castro's coffers so be it, but first it will benefit the people, I do send it with a mula so most of it will make it to my family's hands.

Vana said...

Wow I'm impressed with Marc"s answer, not helping our own is doing the tyranny's bidding.

Anonymous said...

Vana, you send money to your family. No problem. I won't send a dime to mine or anyone else. Is that OK with you, or does that make me a murderer?

Anonymous said...

some people beleive in God and that's ok, OTHERS don't believe he ever existed, THA'S OK TOO

Vana said...

Anon 1:03

You do as you please, if you can live with yourself, let's hope life does not bring you any regrets, cause life's a bitch.

Anonymous said...

Life is full of regrets Vana and I have my fair share and then some.

Contributing financially to the butchers and slave masters of the Cuban people will not be one of them.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

Neither, apparently, will starving the Cuban people in concert with their oppressors.