Friday, May 23, 2008

Cry Me a River, Val

For Val, Cuba is a vale of tears to which he contributes more than his share. It took him three days to compose himself sufficiently to write about his trip to the White House, and then, when he finally did, Bush was mentioned only as Willy Chirino's emcee. Once upon a time Bush was a lot more to Val. In fact, Bush was Val's "mentor" as Rev. Wright was Obama's. It was from Bush that Val borrowed his "Pressure Cooker Theory." For Bush was the first to postulate that only by increasing the misery of the Cuban people can their misery end. It's an interesting formulation with many possible variants: such as, only by stoning a drunk man can you make him less stoned and so forth.

Did Val actually see his once-beloved POTUS? He boasts that he was "standing just 20 feet from the president." Imagine. Closer than that and they might have shared an elevator. I'm surprised that Val did not write that their two eyes met in a knowing glance for a fraction of a second which seemed like eternity. Really, it does appear that Val is distancing himself just a tad from the president. "Wet Foot/Dry Foot" couldn't separate them; but $4.00 oil and the mortgage crisis seem to have put some space between them. Maybe.

Just as likely it is Bush who's distancing himself from Val, not the other way around. What do I mean? Perhaps Val was relegated to the overflow room with the big-screen tv and a box of presidential Kleenex. That would explain the lack of "you are there" feel to Val's recollections, which, so far, are limited to expressing his emotion at hearing Willy Chirino sing "Nuestro Día Ya Viene Llegando" and at the playing of the Cuban National Anthem, in that order.

George W. Bush holds the distinction of having enslaved more Cubans than any living man except the undead one. For eight years he has upheld the "Wet Foot/Dry Foot"policy which returned more Cubans to slavery than the Dred Scott decision ever did. He enforced that odious policy longer than did Clinton. Since it is not a law (and, indeed, contravenes an existing law known as The Cuban Adjustment Act [1966]), Bush enforced it, like Clinton, through presidential fiat. Which means that in any of the last 3000 days he could have ended that travesty with a stroke of his pen and did not. Instead, thousands of helpless refugees were hunted like animals on the high seas, their boats capsized and their hapless occupants left to drown or worse. The "lucky ones" among these were returned to Castro's tender mercies. This is the man who "honored" Val with an invitation to the White House and whom Val "honored" by accepting it.

There is no photograph of President Bush with Val Prieto for him proudly to hang in his new kitchen. I guess you have to contribute $10,000 to get one of those or at least $10,000 worth of publicity. Val failed on both counts. But maybe he can buy a signed picture of Bush on eBay. They go for about $5.


Vana said...

Don't get me wrong men do cry, mine has when it matters, breaks my heart every time, but seems Val is always crying, a lot of his posts are about his sacrifice and the things that make him weep, were I his wife (thank God Iam not) I'd be disgusted by now.

What no picture with'm sure that made him cry

Fantomas said...

off boring topic

The power of Mat Drudge...Ya hillary quiere matar a Obama ,,, VP for her not a a million years

Hillary Brings Up Kennedy Assassination, Press Freaks Out
by Aaron Bruns
BRANDON, SD - Another example of the power of the Drudge Report today, as a NY Post story pointing out that Clinton brought up the assassination of Robert F Kennedy in 1968 during an editorial board meeting sent reporters traveling with Clinton into a frenzy.

Asked by South Dakota newspaper the Argus Leader why she didn’t buy the argument that the party was fracturing because of the prolonged contest, Clinton said “my husband didn’t wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the California primary somewhere in the middle of June.”

“We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California,” she continued. “You know i just dont understand it.”

After the Post story was circulated to the press corps via blackberry and Drudge, the reporters here at Clinton’s town hall meeting abandoned any pretense of listening to the event, flocking around the first Clinton flak they could find for a response to the quote.

After a brief off the record defense of Clinton’s comments, Campaign spokesman Mo Elleithee gave reporters what they were looking for. “She was simply referencing her husband in 1992 and Bobby Kennedy in 1968 as historical examples of the nominating process going well into the summer,” he said. “Any reading into it beyond that would be inaccurate.”

The ‘reading into it’ they might be worried about is speculation that Clinton would deliberately bring up talk of assassination to raise fears that, as an African American candidate, Obama might face the same danger as Kennedy. Before his big win in Iowa, many African Americans in the South cited the danger of assassination as a reason not to support Obama.

But Clinton has made a similar “long primaries are fine” argument before — once with a more oblique reference to the Kennedy assassination. “If you look at successful presidential campaigns, my husband didn’t get the nomination until June of 1992. I remember, tragically, Senator Kennedy won California near the end of that process,” she said at a DC fundraiser on May 7th. “It has often gone on. And we have a lot to work out here. Because we have to figure out who would be the stronger candidate.”

UPDATE: After the uproar, Clinton came to the TV cameras to make a brief statement on her remarks.

“Earlier today, I was discussing the Democratic primary history, and in the course of that discussion mentioned the campaigns that both my husband and Senator Kennedy waged in California in June in 1992 and 1968. And I was referencing those to make the point that we have had nomination, primary contests that go into June. That’s an historic fact. “

“The Kennedys have been much on my mind in the last days because of Senator Kennedy, and I regret that if my referencing that moment of trauma for our entire nation and particularly for the Kennedy family was in any way offensive. i certainly had no intention of that whatsoever.”

“My view is that we have to look to the past and to our leaders who have inspired us and give us a lot to live up to. And I’m honored to hold Senator Kennedy’s seat in the United States Senate from the state of New York, And have the highest regard for the entire Kennedy family. Thanks.”

Anonymous said...

Hi Manuel:

What other blogs do you review besides those of Val Prieto and Henry Gomez? I mean, isn't that the purpose of this blog, hence, the title?

Sign me,

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


I review whatever blogs I wish to review and whenever I wish to review them.

Babalú and its satellites are my chief concern because they do the most damage.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


There's nothing wrong with crying whether it's done by men, women or babies. Tears are the balm that soothe the wounded soul. But when they flow like a waterfall at the drop of a pin then there must be something that underlies the tears besides emotion. Sometimes it is the pretense of emotion.

Anonymous said...

Manuel pudieras review a radio mambi, per4ez roura y ninoska

tal parece que ese par hace mucho mas daño que babalu y tu no has dicho ni pio de ellos nunca

Vana said...

Pretense emotions..mmm...yes I believe you are right

Vana said...


Can you please stop the cut and paste, if you have nothing original to say don't say it.

Anonymous said...

Who the hell named this guy "reviewer" of other blogs? What are his credentials? To be able to review the work of others, you have to be qualified and respected.
This guy is like Castro, he has named himself reviewer of other blogs because he is a megalomaniac like Fidel who thinks that what he says is always right.
In reality, he only "reviews" Babalu because he is obsessed with Val and Henry because they kicked him from their blog because he was so annoying.
No wonder he is afraid of posting his site statistics. Check it on Alexia and you'll see that they don't even know that this blog exists. :)

perez hilton fan said...

Breaking news!!!!!!!

Fantomas has been silenced put to sleep and censored at bubulu for good due to George Moneo's initiation tirade yesterday

According to a comment made by our own fantosman in 26 parallel blogsite

Anonymous said...

te han censorado. Cosa que no pasa aqui. Todo porque hablaste de tu viaje y no exageraste la fiesta en nostalgia. Para que tu veas quien es quien. Tu quieres censura en Cuba?


Fantomas said...

I'm all against censorship venga de donde venga

pero el censorship de cubano a cubano hurts even more

iam sure they will rectify soon

so sure

Anonymous said...

anonymous 10:20: maybe its not on Alexia because that's a medical condition moron. Go to Alexa and you will see it right away.

Go do some cooking.

Hialeah Cubilete said...

The explanation is very simple:
Val was not invited to the White House by Bush.
He was taken along by Ileana Ros, as all of us who went to Cuba Nostalgia saw him kissing up to her for that opportunity.

Anonymous said...

hialeah cubilete,
esa es la verdad. El no estuvo mas cerca de Bush que la foto deBush en Babalu. Por eso no hubo mucha propaganda antes del viaje en se humilde blog. Si no el tuviera foto con Bush porque eso es costumbre. Que alarde caballeros.

Musico de Willy chirino said...

Val entro por la cocina de la casa blanca , fue registrado minusiosamente por el Servicio Secreto, despues lo pasaron a un cuarto para descontaminarlo y sacarle todas las bacterias , pulgas , parasitos que pudieran contaminar al Presidente, tuvo que llenar un formulario comprometiendose a defender a Bush en Bulabubabo blog y asi es señores como este señor logra entrar y SALIR por la puerta trasera de la Casa blanca. Con Obama se le acabaran esos viajecitos

PS..el pasaje lo pagaron los lectores de Bubabolu blog con sus donations

Anonymous said...


that was good musico

ja, ja, ja, ja, ja

Anonymous said...

where is the 99Cent kmart shorty boy at?

Vana said...

Anon 10:20

Manuel is qualified to review whom ever he sees fit, is obvious you are a Babalunian for only the Babalunians become upset like you, why not use your name? after all we know where you come from.

Vana said...

Musico: funny

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Congratulations, fantomas! If they have banned you at Babalú it means that they are finally taking you seriously. The lost is theirs, not yours. You were one of Babalú's last reliable commenters. A few more surgical strikes and the ertswhile echo chamber will be silent.

Fantomas said...

Mat i dont want you or anybody in this blog business ever to take me seriously , please do me the honor

lloron sin dientes said...


el nuevo nombre de Val es.....

drum roll pls.....

----- LAGRIMITAS --------

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


I assure you that I, at least, will never take you seriously. But they have and for something that you wrote here.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Perhaps what you should do is return to Miami immediately and submit yourself to public mortification by George.

Fantomas said...

Mat fijate que cobardes son las dos urracas parlanchinas kill castro y charlie bravo, los otros dias los sone duro y ni se aparecieron por aqui..esos definitivamente dont take me seriuosly..

ahora te digo esto lee este articulocon detenimiento y dime SI OBAMA no es el candidato perfecto para lo que ha venido defendiendo kill castro corp..

Son Cobardes de decirlo pero ambos votaran por Obama ya esta confirmado aqui y tu tienes la primicia, vamos a ver si se dignan a salir de la cueva

Habló de CubaPosteriormente, en un discurso organizado por la influyente Fundación Cubanoamericana, afirmó hoy que, de ganar la Presidencia de Estados Unidos, permitirá los viajes familiares a Cuba y el envío de remesas, pero mantendrá el embargo económico.

“No hay mejores embajadores para la libertad que los cubanos y los cubanoamericanos, por eso voy a permitir los viajes familiares y el envío de remesas, para que puedan ayudar a padres, hermanos y tíos; para que el dinero estadounidense haga que el pueblo cubano sea menos dependiente del régimen” de la isla, dijo.

El senador afroamericano prometió ante más de 700 personas que uno de los primeros pasos hacia Cuba, si es elegido presidente en noviembre próximo, estará dirigido a la puesta en libertad de los presos políticos.

Para Obama, ya es ahora de superar las “promesas vacías de los políticos” y tener una nueva estrategia para lograr la libertad de la isla caribeña y la instauración de la democracia.

“Mi política hacia Cuba será dirigida por una sola palabra: libertad”, aseveró.

Vía Efe

Fantomas said...

But they have and for something that you wrote here.

explicate no soy adivino

lloron sin dientes said...

fanto: we are waiting for your oficial response to the babalusianos.

defiendete como buen Oriental.

Fantomas said...




lloron sin dientes said...

fanto: Paz ? and you are calling the urracas cobardes.

Fantomas said...

defiendete como buen Oriental

la palabra oriental es correcta pero no me gusta mucho

prefiero santiaguero that goes much better with my personality

Fantomas said...

lo de las urracas es otro cantar

a esos no les dejare pasar una sola

ya estan en la mirilla

Anonymous said...

urracas= censuradoras, chivatas y cobardes

Anonymous said...

tu quieres pleito con los de KC porque piensas que de esa manera de vuelvas a ganar a Val. No sabes que ya tienes al poodle y a Ziva encontra ti. Tus dias en el blogroll estan contados. Portate como un hombre, cono.

Oye, y que buena esta la Ziva esa, men.

pedro el bolitero said...

tengo se compadle fanto... tiene algo que toma

Squathole said...

fantomas: I do not take you seriously, and never will. I'm sure you'd return the favor, were you to take me at all.

Manny: re Val and POTUS. Whether it's Pres Monkey Boy or Sen Dead Kennedy, we're talking about politicians at their most advanced and conniving levels. Getting close to them is the last thing I'd want to do; holding them in high regard is infantile and self-delusional.

Tears are justified, but not for the reasons cited.

KillCastro said...

This is so the quintessential bipolar freak does not feel unloved I will give him a few minutes of my time , just for shits and giggles and have no other thing to do while I wait for a delivery person.

Hey Rubio (Get used to it I am not falling for that “persona” who indeed reflects your obsession with power , malicious power actually)

So let me quote a few of your precious psychotic comments of late.

“No son nadie” (referring to Killcastro Blog)

Which means that we must be somebody. Or is you Oriental Spanish THAT fucked up?
Because si NO SOMOS NADIE tenemos que ser alguien, no?

Y estoy de acuerdo que no pretendemos ser ALGUIEN. Hacemos lo que hacemos. No esperamos nada en cambio, ni recompensas ni fama aunque las oportunidades se han presentado. Peo no nos interesa. Nuestra misión es CUBA, tu sabes LA ISLA DE CUBA y los que viven en ella.

“A ese blog no va nadie”

Otra vez jodes el lenguaje pero es de esperar. Seems to be a trademark of yours.
Quizás te es inexplicable el por que de nuestro desinterés en los que nos visitan. No estamos escribiendo para ser controversiales o cambiarle la opinión a nadie (especialmente a algo tan insignificante como tu). Escribimos lo que sentimos y tenemos oportunidades de diseminar información directamente de Cuba que de otra manera nadie sabría.

Por ejemplo sabes que han habido amplias demostraciones en La Habana y Holguin de anti-KaSStristas en protesta de la estupidez acerca los teléfonos celulares?

Pero, otra vez, si no va Nadie, que coño haces metido en el blog constantemente dejando comentarios que son inmediatamente eliminados, pero ese otro psicosis tuya la masoquista es compulsiva y TIENES que ir y ser humillado. Tienes la distinción de ser el único idiota que recibe ese tratamiento. Ni los insultos de Val Prieto fueron borrados, pero TU? Asere no hay nada que tu puedas aportar que sea de algún valor a los pocos que nos leen.

Y de paso tengo una pregunta…..
Si no va nadie a Killcastro y tu te pasas la vida ahí, eso significa que TU eres ese NADIE?

As far as traffic, I will tell you. We average 3,000 hits a week (mostly from Cuba and a lot of government agencies) and we are Okey with that, when we have a scoop, it jumps to 5,000. It is nothing but this was never about VISITS for us. Of course your deranged mind will think otherwise.

You seem to also be obsessed with traffic and comments (where does this anal compulsion come from? Any idea)
You must be a first class idiot when time and time again you keep comparing post replies at RCAB to those of the blog with 25 contributors.

Los sone duro… no me hacen caso

You were on crack on this one were you not?

I think that everyone must’ve had a giggle on this because it is such an incongruent statement that only that swage deposit you call brain can articulate. But Oh! I am trying to explain your obviously need for attention and rationalize your psychotic behavior LOL. Sorry I forgot I was addressing a barely coherent ward case.

Make up your mind freak, si no te hacemos caso que te hace pensar que nos importa un bledo lo que dices o no dices de nosotros.?

We will vote for Obama …

This has become an obsession with you uh Rubio. ? What the fuck do YOU care? Why even think about us, move on man get a life. What difference does it make “NO SOMOS NADA” You must have way too much time in your hands.

But just so you get that stick outta your ass… No we are NOT for Obama. In fact we have posted that it seems that the Bush administration IS pushing Cubans to vote for Obama (but I am sure your lack of intellect could not understand the subtlety of that statement) but as much as we want Cubans in the island to eat, and for Cubans here to travel there as they please and the fact that we greatly resent that Mr. Bush has decided who our family is or not… Cuba (even a free Cuba) in a world where the USA is capitulating to every psycho (people like you, ya know?) Who threatens us is not going to bring any peace here in the USA or Cuba, so fuck you, you are wrong,

Regardless whether Obama does away with the inhumanity of Bush’s (and BTW were we NOT Bushites just a few weeks ago? Man you need to up your Ritalin )
Obama is not getting OUR vote because of promises made to improve Cuban’s lifestyle at the expense of fucking up the USA. So get that stick outta your ass. NOONE who is clearly a bigot in disguise and has an agenda of destruction towards the USA whether he realizes it or not gets our vote.

Now, at some point you also accused us of not wanting to talk about McCain (Man , you ARE obsessed , is that homo thing kicking in?) … I have nothing good or bad to say about the guy and I doubt we will be voting for anyone who wants to maintain a status quo with Bush’s policies “The pressure Cooker” analogy only gives you cooked Cubans! So McCain is not a choice and to complete the quiniela neither is Hillary so there you are; now you may put some ointment in your bleeding ass.

You getting the gist here asshole? We REALLY could not care two shits about you cause you are un cero a la izquierda , a buffoon with a desire to be the center of attention and Mr. T has allowed you that stage, but we will not allow you that pleasure at KillCastro.

Oh, and BTW I still have your emails blasting Val Prieto when we first opened KillCastro and what was your beef there? That Prieto would not answer your 25 emails a day. Soon I found out Prieto was right as you began to dictate to us what should or not be posted at KC and demanding immediate action on your requests. You function with a blatant dictatorship mentality and ARE a clearly latent homo, jizzbag!

I would ask (if I thought you were a gentleman in any sense of the world) to stop coming to a blog where NADIE va and keep posting crap that will be deleted anyway. But of course you will not acquiesce that will be going against every single mental deficiency you parade day in and day out.

Fantomas said...

Directo pa Mazorra llevatelo Mat o encierralo en el madhouse forever

que clase de anormal

Perdonaldlo dios , no saben lo que hacen

lets see how the magpie reacts when obaa lifts the restrictions and the travel

los cubanos dentro de cuba sabran quien aqui en el exilio estuvo dispuesto a hacerles pasar hambre y necesidades y es ese pueblo el que luego pasara las facturas a estas impostoras urracas de kc and cb

Charlie Bravo said...

Ah, Fantomas, I was busy having a life, so I didn't answer you, but KC did a really good smack down, slam dunk job on you. Look, deficient, look really good who the fucking impostors are, starting with yourself who have expressed the desire of HURRICANES SWEEPING CUBANS AWAY, as a means to end Castroism. And what about all your newly gained enemies, who are against of travel, remittances, and in favor of the dry foot wet foot and the pressure cooker -as you are, too, as people can read in your blog and comments all over. Sorry, now I recall that you're the only Cuban who didn't know what the dry foot wet foot was. We don't need your approval or anybody else. Actually, it's good that you don't agree with us, that would be a cause of shame.
Now go back to pick your little fights with the "famous" so you can be famous for being insulted by them.
And yeah, try to have a life, go out and enjoy the weather, instead of sitting there like a masturbatory fixated maniac waiting for our responses.
Why we don't pay you any attention?
Because you need attention!

Fantomas said...

mat encierra a este tambien y desaparece la llave

que clase de comemierdas caballero these two magpies parlanchinas

que puedo decir perdonadlos dios no saben lo que dicen

lo de los huracanes, again taken out of context, anyways this year son 9 , prepararse bien no Quqeremos lamentaR NI UNA SOLA VIDA no comunista perdida, con los otros tu sabes....

Agustin Farinas said...

KC and CB, you hit the nail right on the head. The guy needs atention, he craves it, he looves it. It does not matter if you are insulting him, he comes back because he needs that attention.
That is why he went to the Cuban Nostalgia only to come back and criticize Miami and the people living there. He hammers MAT for being divisive and then he says he does not like habaneros because of the way they talk.
One single reading of his comments will tell you he ia real authority on the Spanish language, and let's not forget his mastery of the English language.
This guy Fantomas is delusional, and if you happen to disagree with his delusions, he will insult you, demean you, and heap a barrage of vitriolic words on you and your family as if the words of a lunatic could mean anything to you. The best attitude towrds this aberration with a comdom head is to ignore him. He can not stand that and he wilts from lack of attention. That is why he hangs around here because he needs that attention MAT gives him every once in a while out of pity for the poor wretch.
Ignore him and let him stew in his own juices. That is the best treatment for this lunatic.

Fantomas said...

Agustin todavia estoy esperando que escribas algo worthy en este blog cada vez que abres esa bocota sucia tuya es solamente para despotricar

dime en que ayuda eso a la liberacion de Cuba?

go ahead and open your own fucking blog , pero no vengas aqui a ponerle pautas a Mat , Mat believes in freedom of speech i doubt very much I could be forbidden to participate here ...Ever , no creo que mat quiera aparecer en esa odiosa lista de cuban blogers censuradores que ya sabemos quienes son ..igualitos al regimen castrista

KillCastro said...

The fact that the girls in Oriente go NUTS for a guy with a Habanero accent eludes this twat.
The fact that girls from La Habana HATE the policemen they bring from Oriente is also something this seepage sack knows little about.

I should know I am 100% Habanero (and have the accent to prove it) and married a girl from Holguin who almost daily tells me she loves my “accent”

Must be something similar to the way a British accent makes New York women swoon.

But what does this nut know? especially about women attraction to men . His obsessions ARE all men !

Fantomas said...

kc you are a pathetic habanero i should have figure that one out long before..i saw your kind at versailles , repulsive

Fantomas said...

Mat where are thou?

Vana said...

KC and CB:

He's not worth any words from you guys, don't you see he's insane all he wants is attention, he comes in here and insults every one, ya quisieran los Santiagueros hablar como nosotros, celos es todo celos.

Fantomas said...

ya quisieran los Santiagueros hablar como nosotros

por favor vana no me vuelvas a insultar

Angel Garzón said...

..."ya quisieran los Santiagueros hablar como nosotros, celos es todo celos."

Vana, I am Santiaguero, born and raised, please do all of us true Santiagueros a favor, try not to generalize, I am very well aware that what many consider to be Habanero accent, is just the slang of certain municipios of Metro Habana, we also have slang in certain sections of Santiago, building bridges is a lot more difficult than tearing them down, but the end result of the former, is vastly superior to the latter. I'm not even sure that Fantomas is a true Santiaguero, just as I am sure that many so called Habaneros, are really not so.

Fantomas said...

I'm not even sure that Fantomas is a true Santiaguero

y que rayos sabes tu de eso angel
que quieres como prueba anda pidelo

Anonymous said...

"Mat believes in freedom of speech i doubt very much I could be forbidden to participate here ...Ever , no creo que mat quiera aparecer en esa odiosa lista de cuban blogers censuradores que ya sabemos quienes son ..igualitos al regimen castrista"

Fanto, eso quiere decir que Babalu is igualito al regimen castrista?

Anonymous said...

donde esta el enanito de babalu? deja que te coja hablando basura de babalu. Te lo digo que los perros chicos muerden y prenden en los tobillos santiagueros.

Fantomas said...

Fanto, eso quiere decir que Babalu is igualito al regimen castrista?

la censura es mala y si viene de cubanos es mucho peor

Fantomas said...

aqui tienen un ejemplo de lo que es un habanero pedante

que feo suena ese acento habanero y de la boca de este animal peor todavia

Vana said...


I'm not in any way trying to insult all santiagueros, only fantomas, he came in here and insulted our way of speaking, alas I was born and raised until I was 11 years old in Centro Habana, to be precise en Gervasio /Lagunas y San Lazaro, 2 blocks from El Malecon Habanero, I have pictures to prove it.

Angel Garzón said...


I'm not in any way trying to insult all santiagueros, only fantomas..."

Vana, I'd suggest that you then use the singular instead of the plural form, as the instance that I quoted was not your first patronizing statement directed at Orientales in general, nevertheless, I accept your explanation or justification, although it contained no sign of regret, which is why it cannot be called an apology.

"...alas I was born and raised until I was 11 years old in Centro Habana, to be precise en Gervasio /Lagunas y San Lazaro, 2 blocks from El Malecon Habanero, I have pictures to prove it."

I never said that you were not Habanera, my statement was directed at those who claim to be from Metro-Havana proper, but are really from the other municipalities of Havana province which do not comprise the city itself.

"y que rayos sabes tu de eso angel
que quieres como prueba anda pidelo"

Fantomas, that's a very Puerto Rican expression you have chosen to use, I asked you once last year (on Babalu) what part of Santiago you were from and your answer was so generic that it led me to have doubts as to the veracity of your claim to being a Santiaguero. OK, as per your request. Prove it.

Fantomas said...


clinica los angeles

ave garzon

cerquita de la plaza marte


Angel Garzón said...

Fantomas said...


clinica los angeles

ave garzon

cerquita de la plaza marte


Generic answer Fantomas, generic, it's common knowledge to most Orientales that are familiar with Santiago that "Clinica Los Angeles" is the preeminent neonatal and hospital facility in the city. Not good enough.

What are the names of the most well known comparsas that have been traditional rivals for decades in Santiago?

What is the colloquial name of the cinema house that's across the street from the Cathedral?

Where is the main library located?

What sport is practiced at a facility that's just one block West of the main library?

What specific, world known hobby has a shop among many, three quarters of a block around the corner from the library?

What was the name of the most modern cinema house that was destroyed by fire (arson) after the family that had owned it left Cuba?

What's the most common place where many of the city's young people like to go to see and be seen by their young peers?

Which verbena is so well known, that just about everyone from Moncada & Los Hoyos neighborhoods flock to it during the carnavales?

Name the restaurant that's in Reparto Sueño near the Entranda de Vista Alegre?

Name the very famous hotel & night club that was in the carretera al aeropuerto?

Name the brand of municipal transit buses that were acquired by Cuba in the late 1960s to replace the old GM ones that serviced intra Santiago?

Name the brand of cars that were used to replace the old Volgas for the police and taxis in the late 1960s?

Name the location of the radio and TV transmitters (antennas)

What well known building was turned into a school & museum by the commies and what world known soft beverage brand had a bottling plant near it?

What's the name of the key (cayo) in Santiago Bay and what is the species of fish that loiters by its main ferry dock?

Name the club that was across the bay from the old refinery and name the refinery

Angel Garzón said...

More than three hours have elapsed since the proof of being a true Santiaguero questionnaire was posted by me for Fantomas (as per his request) to confirm the veracity of his claim. No answers have yet been provided by Fantomas, even though he has posted some comments on another post after the questionnaire was published.

IT IS OFFICIAL, Fantomas cannot answer any of my Stgo. queries because he IS NOT from Santiago de Cuba, Fantomas is a Puerto Rican that pretends to be Cuban, he knows that Orientales from La Campiña (guajiros) speak with a cadence that's similar to that of Puerto Rican peasants (jibaros.) One more label that can now be added to this Fantomas character. What say yee Fantomas?

P.S. For the sake of clarity and transparency, I must state that I have been married for almost thirty years to a Jersey Rican, born and raised in New Jersey, of Puerto Rican parents.

Vana said...


It was not my purpose to hurt you in any way, if it's an apology you want then I'm trully sorry, fantomas included all Habaneros that is why I generalized, Please accept my heartfelt apology.

Angel Garzón said...


Read my 11:27 P.M. comment for you here:

Anonymous said...

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